Code 19, no E drive visible in My Computer

Hi: My Western Digital 3TB Elements External Hard Drive is about 10 months old, it has alot of very important data on it and I use it every single day. About 1 week ago, the Fire Wall Protection Software I use was re-installed for security purposes. The same afternoon (probably resulting from that) I lost visual contact with the E drive, which the WD Elements is displayed on My Computer Index. This was upsetting, so I looked up my Drive Index through the Control Panel and saw the Code 19 Error. The Drives are in place and using the diagnostic Windows 7 tool, the diagnostic states the Drives are up to date and to not need to be reinstalled.

Code 19 wording states “registry file is damaged”. I believe that the restistry files have been damaged by either the re-installation of my Norton Security software Firewall, or by Windows Updates from Microsoft (around the same time) that also were primarily for antivirus defence. I have gone through several checks, such as (recommended) checking the Regedit  “Hkey Local Machine, System Current Control Set, Control Class” File, for Lower Filters that might block the display of the CD drive. When I checked this file no filters of any sort were listed.

I have opened a Support File and recieved an email from Support recommending I set my computer back to an earlier time and suggesting I down load Windows Updates. I did both and neither had any effect. I am not able to set my computer very far back because Norton stops working entirely if you go back further than a few days. I dont know why, but I would guess that when Norton re-installed, it erased the old program. So if I go back further than the re-install date, it simply *isnt there*. Since I really cant live without Norton, I feel caught between a rock and a hard place here.

No doubt there is an easy fix for this that some tech whiz knows off the top of his head that he can tell me? Thankyou and have a great weekend~


Are you able to test the drive on a different computer?

Also test the unit using the WD DLG tool.

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows

Thankyou for your reply, I did in fact run the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics (sorry that slipped my mind, but I did do it) and it said the device is 100%.

The same page which suggested the Data Life Guard Diagnostic (part of the Microsoft Drivers Troubleshooter page) also suggests altering the register keys. I didnt do this, nor did I create a subkey. However, I checked the drives right down to the registry keys and they are all present. I dont see anything damaged, but I am not an expert. Thankyou for your help~ I notice that this problem (on the tech websites) is often associated with Windows 8. I have to wonder if the updates I got must have been similar to the Windows 8 impasse? Again, just guessing.

This week I am going to telephone support and see if they can suggest any tricks. If you can think of anything please spill the beans :slight_smile: BestWishes