Cloud to USB isn't Working?

I’ve connected a USB Drive to the WD Cloud Mac formatted. I can’t move a SpareBundle from my cloud to the USB drive, it just hangs and quits. I’m all up to date with WD Cloud FW and using the Official WD Desktop Mac App.

I can transfer other smaller files but anything over a certain size and it doesn’t copy. This is a great concern because it means I can’t backup my drives if need be…

Can anyone help?

The simplest way for large files/folders, if you’re comfortable with Linux, is to ssh into your MCM and then use the OS commands (cp or rsync) to do it at the OS level. You’ll find your shares in the Shares folder from the main drive root (/Shares).

I did that a week or so ago with a couple of TB transfer and it worked fine over the course of a few hours. I did initially try using the web file viewer in the dashboard and also the NAS-USB back-up, but neither worked reliably (both just timed out and stopped).

Yea Linux isn’t something I want to have to do. I thought that being able to copy files form the WD onto a USB drive would have been straight ahead :no_mouth: