Cloud Drops off Overnight

I have recently purchased a 2TB MyBook, it seems to work fine on my wireless network at home and I can access it via my Samsung S2 at home also. When away from home I can access my data with WD 2Go on my mobile, however, it always drops off overnight and I have to restart the MyBook each morning after which it works fine. I have set up a static IP for the MyBook, originally to but then changed it to in order to make sure it wasn’t conflicting with any other equipment on my home network. This is very annoying if I’m away from home for any length of time. I have a netgear Router and my provider is Virgin.

Has anyone else found this problem, and is there an easy fix???

Many thanks for any replies I receive.


Hello, have you also tried to access the My Book Live locally when the problem happens with WD2go? Also be sure to have the latest firmware update available for the My Book. Check the link below for the steps. 

  How to update the firmware on a My Book Live or My Book Live Duo