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Has anyone else used AWS S3 for a cloud-based backup service with the EX4?  I configured this with the intention of backing my data up to the cloud before I did a RAID migration from RAID-1 to RAID-5.  No joy.

I was able to successfully get the backups configured, but when I launched them, they would fail.  My smallest share (6.95 GB) finally did report completed after multiple failures and about 4 or 5 days.  My larger shares (22.8 GB and 343 GB) continually failed and never did complete.  When the jobs actually were running, the process seemed excruciatingly slow.  The progress indicator would progress from 0% to 100% over a minute or multiple minutes and I was hoping that it was measuring progess of each folder transferred…  Nope.  It was taking minutes to transfer each individual file that was not even  large.  And then it would eventually fail.  I had to map the shares as network drives on my server and back the data up to a local DAS drive.  (An attempt at a USB Backup also failed.)

Regardless, I’ve since completed the RAID migration, which was another mess that I’ve documented elsewhere on the Forum, and I’ve configured Internal backups of the shares to my expanded RAID-5 volume.  I now have the data duplicated, but it’s still on the same device and in my home.  I would strongly prefer an off-site backup option, so I’d still like to get the AWS S3 Cloud Backup to work.

First step:  Delete the previously configured backup configurations…  Nope.  Click Delete Job.  Confirm Delete…  Job remains.  Reboot system.  Job remains.  One job Is shown in Error state.  Can’t be deleted.  The 3rd job shows that it’s still in progress at 0% after a week and a half and multiple reboots.  Can’t delete it.

The second step would be to create new backup jobs to copy the internally backed up data to the cloud, but it seems that with the original jobs still remaining, I can’t delete the data on S3.  (Does the EX4 still have some sort of lock on the cloud data that is preventing it from being deleted?)  Regardless, I pay AWS S3 based on drive space used.  I don’t want to pay for the originally failed backed up data as well as new data.  The clean way of doing this would be to delete the originally failed backed up data and start again, but I can’t delete the original backup jobs that are failing.


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