Cloud Access Disabled

1 week ago i updated automatically the firmware on mycloud mirror gen2 from os3 to os5. Since then, the cloud access is always showing to be disabled.

When i try to sign in with my Cloud Access account within the cloud access tab within the Mirror, i got a message saying it cannot connect to firmware server; check internet access (internet is working well). I tried to create a new account (with multiple different emails), and got the same message. I tired logging in with the account that i always used into the new mycloud os5 WEBSITE, it gives me wrong username or password. Then i try logging in into the old website (which is used with Os3), it logs in and shows me my device but cannot access the folders (since cloud access is disabled as i said).

I tried quick reset, 40-second reset, and manual update but the problems persisted.

Any idea what could be the problem ? is it account related or storage on device related? any solution ? can i remove Os5 and revert back to Os3? what is important for me is the cloud access.

@Bassel have you contacted support and provided the system logs from your My Cloud?
If so, what’s your case number?