Closed Caption/Subtitle question

I use my WD Live box as a streamer for a Windows 7 Media Center DVR. Windows 7 DOES record the Closed Caption stream in SD and HD recordings.

Does anyone have a way that I can display the closed caption on my WD Live? I have it in the bedroom, and we watch recorded shows at night when the kid is asleep. We keep the volume low and it would be nice to have english words on the screen. The subtitle function does not work for this, so is there a way to re-encode my recordings? They are windows 7 files (*.wtv) and I already convert them to *.dvr-ms so the WD live box can play them off a share.

I must not be the first person to want to do this. My box is connected via HDMI; if I connected via component would I get CC?

Thanks for any help.

Hmmm.  That’s a good question.   HDMI certainly does NOT support closed captioning.   COMPONENT DOES provide it, but I’m not sure if the WDTV would pass it through or remove it.  There’s no mention of this in the manual, so my presumption is that it’d be stripped.

Either way, the closed caption decoder on your monitor would be needed.

I’m not sure if there’s any tools out there that will convert CC’s to Subs…

I’d want to look at those streams in a demuxer (something like tsMuxer would be good).  Depending upon what kind of streams they are, it’s a definite possibility to convert them to something the Live could display.

If you could post a small example I’d be glad to see what’s up.

Do these boards allow posting attachments? If not, I can put it somewhere and post a link.

I guess I would have to capture a really short 1 minute file as the size of the Media Center files is huge - even Standard Def.

You could try it.  I doubt you will be able to post a large attachment, but it’s just a portion like mkelley wants, it should work.