Cloning from bad disk

My WD Blue is reporting that ithas bad sectors. I’m expecting that I’ll have to repalce the drive, so here’s my question: if I clone the disk, will I clone the bad sectors too? Sorry, if it seems like a dumb question. I think I know the answer, I’m just looking for confirmation.

Usually, system errors and logical errors are carried over. This is why cloning a non-healthy disk is not recommended.

Yeah, you’re right. My unhealthy drive has bad sectors for a good reason.

I suggest you  backup your WD blue with a freeware which will ignore bad sectors. And then restore the backup image the new hard drive.

To clone a bad disk with bad sectors, you can use the AOMEI software. Its “Sector-by-Sector Clone” method in Disk Clone Wizard can clone every sector from the source disk to the destination disk. So, it will be an easy task to clone hard drive with bad sectors.