Cloned Drive indicates up to 31GB less space used/transferred than there should have been according to the source drive

Model Name: WD Blue SATA SSD 2.5"
Model Number: WDC WDBNCE0020PNC
Windows 10

I installed a new 2TB SSD to replace an existing 1TB HD and ran the cloning software.

  • All partitions and sizes seem to have been set up properly (when comparing cloned drive to original).

  • If I open both drives, ‘select all’ files in each drive and click properties: the number of files and total file sizes match exactly - see image below (so far everything is as it should be).

However, if I click on the drives themselves and view properties, the properties of both the original and cloned drives don’t match. It says the cloned drive transferred less than what should have been cloned (all visible files were transferred). This difference seems to change and has ranged anywhere from the cloned SSD being 7GB smaller to 31 GB smaller than the original drive. It is 25 GB less in the image below.

All files, partitions and partition sizes match perfectly when compared elsewhere. It only happens when viewing the properties of the drives themselves. It seems as if there is a chunk of space (which varies in size) that is missing from the new SSD.

Note: I tried re-cloning the drive and the exact same size difference happened. I have cloned drives before and feel confident that I didn’t screw anything up. I selected ‘manual’ and ‘proportional’ as my new SSD was double in size.

Any thoughts on what the problem is? Thanks

This issue arises due to the large size cloned drive. When you clone a drive then you also cloned the partition size besides the data. The large-sized cloned hard drive leaves the extra space as unallocated space and this is why you see the size of the drive is not the same.