Cloned Additonal Hard Drive Not Recognized

 I have a Sony VGC-RA716G desktop computer with a WD2500BB 250GB hard drive
and used Acronis True Image Home Ver 11.0 to clone internally another exact
WD2500BB 250 GB hard drive. Windows MCE(2005) SP3 OS. I have used it before
with no problems.

  In the cloning process I got a sector error or some sort and when the
process was through it shut down. At this point I know to disconnect the
cloned drive, as failure to do so will mean the clone will not work as a
boot disk. I suppose I had my mind on the sector error that caused me not to
disconnect the cloned drive.

  Anyway now I have been unable to get my computer to recognize this HD. I
had it connected as cable select Primary Slave and it shows this in the
BIOS, but no drive letter is recognized. So I next used Disk Management to
try and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths from the menu, but it does not
appear there either where I can make this selection.

  I next thought that maybe by reformatting it with my Sony Recovery DVD
that I would put this HD back to its original state, but this also fails. I
tried the option of not using the restore partition and doing a complete
restore but it also fails.

  So I have a HD that is recognized in the BIOS as Primary Slave, but have
not been able to get Windows OS to recognize it.

  If anyone knows how I can resolve this issue I will be most appreciative.
If I ever get it back you can rest assured I will immediately disconnect it
upon clone shutdown in the future.



Run Windows Scan Disk (chkdsk) and Defrag on your source drive, and also run diagnostics on it to verify there are no problems with it. If it is in a state of failure, has bad sectors, or has corrupt data, then the clone will not be successful. If your source drive is a WD drive, then run both the Quick and Extended test using our Data Lifeguard Diagnostics utility. If it passes both tests, then you know the drive is in good health. This will also repair bad sectors.

Some cloning utilities, including Acronis, can have problems cloning a drive that has more than one partition or has a hidden recovery partition(s). You may want to try a different cloning utility that can better handle drives that have multiple partitions.

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