Clone a 1TB Caviar Black SATA III to a 2TB Caviar Black SATA III failure

First off - Thank you WDC for sending me the RMA disk…

Now - I am having a mother of an issue attempting to clone the 1TB onto the 2TB using WD software (Acronis True Image) that is downloaded from WDC.

I have the two drives installed in the machine - both on SATA III ports and computer is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit .  The computer features a Gigabyte Motherboard (AM3+) with 8gb of DDR3 memory, nVidia 550GTS and a LiteON DVD burner.  The computer is less than three weeks old, the 1TB drive is being replaced due to extreme vibration when running.

Acronis starts, recognizes both drives and formats the 2TB correctly as a simple volume.  The image process starts, and then fails predictably with “Failure to move files from old disk to new disk due to partition errors” and suggests that I can fix the problem with simple tools available within windows.

This happens no matter what choices I make, with either formatted or unformatted 2TB drive.  I have deleted junk files, defragged the 1TB drive, scanned it for errors and ran checkdisk after restart without errors.  IF there is a partition error I can not find it anywhere.

Has anyone come across a good reliable fix for this situation?

did you verified correctly the 2tb hard drive ??

maybe is the 2tb having problems

The drive has been verified as a working 2tb disk as advertised.  The error message from Clone software indicates issues are on the old (source) 1tb disk.

Am going to make a boot disk and see if that works.

Make sure that you have done a full virus check on the drive, and have defragged it completely.