Clicking sound

I have bought 1TB My Book Essential external hdd just 5 days ago. If I connect this hdd to my computer then initial 1 hour or more there is no problem but after that my system hangs. When system hangs there is a sound like ‘click-click’ coming from My Book and after sometime the error I am getting is: “Windows - Delayed Write Failed, Windows was unable to save all the fdata for the file K:$Mft”. If I remove USB from my computer then blinking of My Book LED does not stop. It continue to blink like My book is on work.I am using a new power adapter as per specification because power adapter supplied have burnt just in 3 days although it is connected from UPS. I think that if there is a problem in adapter then drive should not spin correctly for 3-4 hours. Am I right? I have tried different computers and USB cables but problem still exists. So what should I do?

sounds like classic bad drive symptom (click click with Delayed write failure).

I would Contact WD Support.