Clear device password

I was trying to see what you could access using the web interface of the WDTV. It kept asking for a password, but I couldn’t figure it out. I set a password in the device security, but that didn’t do it. I had to look through the PDF manual until I found the default web interface password.

Now, I want to delete the device password, but I cannot. If I try to set a new one, but just leave it blank, it says invalid. Is there any way to clear the password without having to do a factory reset? I can type in the password if needed, but those on-screen keyboards are a PITA.

Just turn off device security.

If you have security turned on, then you MUST have a password.

So I assume the security is only used for Parental Control and Store Demo mode? If so, both are still OFF, so I guess the password isn’t used for anything else?


I have a somewhat similar question so I was wondering what happened in your case?

This was awhile ago, but I think I just turned off the security.

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