Cleaning up storage?

You should be able to see your data now, just slow, and fast/normal when migration is done

Yeah, I can still see my data. I’m just wondering - does server essentials automatically put the drives together into the RAID 5 format? Ie right now - they look like separate hard drives. I thought it would just appear as one 6 TB hard drive when all is said and done?

OK - Update. After about 30 hours the 1st new drive has been integrated into the server hard drives. It appears as though it is now starting the 2nd migration onto the other new hard drive.

Unfortunately now my c: drive on the server is down to just about no space. 116KB free. It looks like the \windows\temp file is full of files names something like this cab_5884_6 These files are 131,606 KB in size. But there 152 of them, for a total of 19 GB.

I think these may be related to the migrating, so I’m not sure what to do with them, ie when can I delete them to make space?

Hopefully the machine can make it to the end of migration over the last disk, then I can go in and clean that temp folder.

oh yeah, i forgot to ask- given that the C: drive is just a partition of the hard drive. Is there a way to increase the partition size?

there are some 3rd party tools that will resize it. But it is normally okay without junk. Perhaps you should have added one drive at a time?

In retrospect, I would do one drive at a time, and I would have put them in on a Friday night, so they would be finished when I came in on Monday. Note for anyone else who attempts this.

I thought it would migrate both drives at the same time.

I am a little worried about any sort of 3rd party disk management tool while the hard drives are migrating data. My C drive is down to ZERO free space, and I’m continually getting warning messages. The migration is still happening, albeit slowly. I guess as long as the migration is happening, I will let it continue. Once it completes, I’ll look into making more space.

I just saw this post - How to increase hard drive c:\

It looks like 75 GB is the recommended size for the C drive. If I can move the partitions around afterwards with a 3rd party software, I think I’ll allocate 100 GB to be on the safe side.

I see this software supposedly works with a server as a way to adjust partition sizes.

Either this -

or this -

Can you explain what you mean by “But it is normally okay without junk”?

it should run under 40gb. (If you have not installed some 3rd party program using C:)
Sometimes you may need to clean out a log folder
I use windirstat to see what is using the space

I don’t recall installing any 3rd party programs. I currently can’t install any software as I no room. When I try to install a partition program, it defaults to needing space on the c: drive.

Hopefully when the migration is complete, I can delete some of those files in the temp folder.

Where are the log folders? I found this one - c:windows\logs\cbs. It had about 4 GB of logs. I am going to copy them to the larger drive for now.

that is not the logs I am referring to. WWW I think. 3 subfolders
not sure you should move those without google first :slight_smile:

Which logs are you referring to?

was the ones I was thinking about

Like I said, you need windirstat. Install it on D:

ok, I’ve cleared out those log files. I have installed windirstat on D:

Do I need silverlight? I started to look at programs installed on the drive - Silverlight is by far the largest installed program - 497 MB. the next largest is .NET framework at 38 MB.

My \Windows\Temp folder is taking up almost 20 GB of space. I think this is THE big issue. I’m not sure what these files are, but I think they have something to do with the migration.

Next largest folder is \Windows\WinSXS at a little under 16 GB.

The pagefile is 4 GB

Migration at 10% on 2nd added drive.

I had an online chat with EaseUS® Partition Master Server. They say that their product will work with the server, but recommend waiting until after the migration is complete.

497mb is nothing
what are the dates on the temp folder?

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Seriously? Why don’t the moderators get in and answer some of these questions :wink:

I appreciate your help.

I know 497 MB is not much - but the C: drive was down to 0. It was too small for me to even attempt to install a partition adjusting program, as by default they would try to make a temp file on the c: drive.

As for the dates - I’ll speak of the majority of the files - which are all the same size 131,606 KB. They start on 3/9/16 at 2 pm. Then it looks like one is generated/created every hour or so until 2:33 PM yesterday 3/15/16.

Short update - it is on drive 2. I just clocked progress - about 3% migrates per hour. I’ve got about 66% to go. SO by tomorrow morning I should be all done migrating, have full access to all 6 TB of storage.

I then plan on:

  1. Cleaning out the Temp folder.
  2. Install the firmware update from WD
  3. Install the partition master server edition to adjust the OS partition to 100 GB.
  4. Then probably a reboot or two will be required.
  5. The start up the backup process again for each of the client desktops.

is 3/9 when you put in the drives? They may go away when done

No. I put drives in on 3/13 at night.

Just about done.
Drives migrated. Firmware installed. All windows updates installed. REbooted server.

Just need to re-start the backup systems. Thanks for your help Gramps.

Temp files clean themselves? Got Free Space?

You are most certainly welcome. Thanks as well for all your feedback.

As well I noticed you posted in some of the other threads here. In the spirit of peer 2 peer support that is also muchly appreciated. Now don’t be a stranger :slight_smile: