How to increase hard drive c:\


i have wd sentinel dx4000, i want to expend the c:\ partition on my net work storage

i hope to help doing that

note: c:\ partition space 60G.B and free space 2G.B

Well with windows server the only way to do that is to delete the D: partition then you can expand c:, recreate D:.  So you would have to backup everything on D: as to be able to put it back

My buddies have said they have used 3rd party tools like acronis perhaps to expand without deleting d: but I have not done this and would recomend a backup first.  And well if you had a backup you could just do it the microsft way. :slight_smile:

You might try disc cleanup on c: it may help a little bit.  Also if you installed anything on C: maybe you could reinstall on d:  ?

Under normal circumstances, 60GB should be plenty for your C: (System) drive on Windows Server 2008. In my enterprise environment, we typically allocate 50GB for 2008, and 75GB for 2008R2.

You shouldn’t be using the C: drive for anything but the operating system itself, which makes things much simpler to backup and maintain, as well as apply upgrades from Microsoft Update and Western Digital.

If you are trying to use C: for anything else, you are really placing the stability and health of your storage server at risk.

With Windows 2008, you can extend the C: partition to unallocated space fairly easily. See this TechNet Blog article: