Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other "firmwares"

i can confirm that the plus kernel also killed my device: WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps! - #690 by FrancYesc0

btw, someone installed docker? i’m going to (try) recompile the kernel due to missing module, hoping last source is updated enought

EDIT: i’ve restored after the 4.15.0+ brick putting the restore miniOS USB key, rebooted an it magically started with the 3.x kernel and i’ve restore the 4.15.0-rc6 files, unfortunately i think i still need a kernel more updated to have docker running on debian 10

I have gen1 device. Already recover 2 times.

Clean Debian install working perfect but you can not use apt-install.

apt-get update - working fine
apt-get upgrade - working fine
apt-get install mdadm - device hang for hours - force restart - device brick.
Recovery -WD-ICMP-BEACON- Clean debian.

apt-get update - working fine
apt-get upgrade - working fine
apt-get install samba - device hang for hours - force restart - device brick.

Some aptget log: Start-Date: 2014-08-16 16:50:04Commandline: apt-get install nano htop tzdata -

Clean Debian needs to be overhauled according to the update packages.

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Just wondering if anyone can help. WD Cloud My home 4TB. Taken apart, Harddisk replaced with a seagate one. Partions are set up. Booting up with the reset button pressed works (first flashing, after this solid), installation is done (checking the harddisk connected to a computer gives 3 devices: usr, var, debian). Device is getting an IP. But: Cant open the OMV via Browser using the assigned IP address, cant SSH (port 22: Connection timed out). What am I doing wrong?

This is the WD MyCloud subforum.

You will have better luck in the MyCloud home subforum. (The MyCloud and MyCloudHome are running entirely different firmware)

From your description, however, it doesn’t sound like the device is really talking on your network. Reboot router and drive. . . .double reverify the ip address. (it may be using an IP address different than the one you are assigning)

Hey @Fox_exe !

Thanks for posting this. I was able to successfully install OMV on my WDMyCloud Gen 1 and login to the console to create users and shares. But then I initiated a “reboot” from the web console and the drive is not joining the network since then. I see a yellow-ish light but no connections on my router. Is there a way to move forward still as I don’t want to open it up.

Try a “TFTP Boot” method.
I’ts a common problem with OMV - After install OMV from Debian - it’s install Network Manager and deletes default network settings, so network not started after boot.
Need fix it by editing /etc/network/interfaces

Thanks @Fox_exe for responding, I’m searching for the files needed for tftp method based on this article:

but it seems like you’ve moved/deleted them already. Can you please point me in the right direction?

Thanks @Bennor

I tried the listed steps but i keep getting below messages on nping window:

SENT (129.0380s) ICMP [ > Echo request (type=8/code=0) id=1413 seq=126] IP [ttl=64 id=58857 iplen=42 ]
SENT (130.0500s) ICMP [ > Echo request (type=8/code=0) id=1413 seq=127] IP [ttl=64 id=58857 iplen=42 ]

and don’t see any updates on DHCP window. Anything I maybe doing wrong? :frowning:

@Fox_exe @Bennor - Any idea what may be going on? Will really appreciate any pointers.

@eklovyam No suggestions or ideas. Years back I gave up trying to get OVM to run on a first gen single bay My Cloud after spending several hours trying to make a go of it and make it work. Went back to using the v4.x firmware. It appears some are more fortunate and able to get OVM to work on their device(s).

is there an update for OMV from WDMycloud 1gen? I currently have version 2.0.2 installed but it is quite old and the plugins and the service do not work

Hello everyone,

I’m a little lost. I have a WDMycloud gen1 and would like to install OMV on it. As far as I understood I need to install CleanDebian first. I want to do this with the Autoinstall script. But how should the folder strucutre look like? Should I extract everything also for example “CleanDebian-Jessie.tgz”?

Many thanks in advance and best regards,

Ok I guess I really messed something up. My “mycloud” interface is now gone. I uploaded the files in a different folder (not public) and run the install script. But now I can not install samba or anything else. Who can support here?

Anyone any idea?

EDIT (2022-01-01)
It seems this build freezes when rebooting after the first setup. I’ve chosen to leave it up as someone here in the community may be able to diagnose the problem and provide some input.

Hello All - I’ve been a “lurker” here looking for info to keep my old MyCloud-Gen1 going. I learned quite a bit here but wasn’t happy with the results (Windows 11 not liking the old SMB version of OMV2, etc). That said, I’ve managed to bring the Debian/Jessie install up to date (as possible) and have OpenMediaVault 3.0.1 (Erasmus) installed. Details are as follows:

SSH Login: root / mycloud
OMV Login: admin / openmediavault

INSTALL (via plugging the drive into another Linux computer. ‘*’ would be replaced based on mount point):

mdadm --stop /dev/md*
mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/sd*1 /dev/sd*2
dd if=kernel.img of=/dev/sd*5
dd if=kernel.img of=/dev/sd*6
dd if=config.img of=/dev/sd*7
dd if=config.img of=/dev/sd*8
dd if=rootfs.img of=/dev/md0

First Run: You need to unmount the data partition (sda4) via console and utilize the web-gui to mount it. This creates the proper mount point in the OMV settings. Once this is done edit ‘/etc/fstab’ and comment out the ‘sda4’ line.

SSH in as root - ‘umount /dev/sda4’
Log in to web-gui (admin / openmediavault)
Go to “Storage / File Systems” and mount /dev/sda4
Return to console and run - nano /etc/fstab
If OMV correctly mounted the data partition you should see some lines added at the end similar to this:

/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD20EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WMC4M1702481-part4 /srv/dev-disk-by-id-ata-WDC_WD20EFRX-68EUZN0_WD-WMC4M170$

Comment out (or remove) this line

/dev/sda4       /data   ext4.....

Save and close.

LINK - DebianOMV3.tar.gz

Hey @Fox_exe …i have opened my WDMyCloud and mounted it on a Linux VM…i can see the /etc/network /interfaces file …can you suggest what can i put there so the drive will get connected to my network when i plug the cable in?

@Fox_exe, is there any chance of building Linux with a much newer kernel, or are we stuck with 3.2?

There is no sources for Comcerto CPU in mainline kernel. And there is no newer sources from another devices with this cpu.
So - no updates.

Looks like there is work being done here for a recent kernel.