Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other "firmwares"

As said above, I pushed the 4.15plus files into the mdblocks on my mirror Gen2 and the device boots not even in rescue mode.

To force the rescue mode I removed the HDDs.

What could be wrong?

At the moment I can only boot from USB into rescue mode.

i can confirm that the plus kernel also killed my device: WD MyCloud Gen2 - Enable apps install tab + Apps! - #690 by FrancYesc0

btw, someone installed docker? i’m going to (try) recompile the kernel due to missing module, hoping last source is updated enought

EDIT: i’ve restored after the 4.15.0+ brick putting the restore miniOS USB key, rebooted an it magically started with the 3.x kernel and i’ve restore the 4.15.0-rc6 files, unfortunately i think i still need a kernel more updated to have docker running on debian 10