Clarifications about LONG formatting time

Hello everyone,

I just purchased my new WD My Passport Essential (the one with the WD related suite). After a quick look i found out how to remove the virtual cd from the external drive so, as in this site said, i updated the drive’s firmware to latest version and ran the utility that prevents the activity of virtual cd. Everything went smooth. As usual when i buy a new hard disk i formatted the drive with the full process (not the quick one), just to be sure there is no bad sector, with windows utility. The process is now running from 5 hours and half and it’s close to finish…is this long time normal, even if the drive was empty? Frankly i remember my other drive was quicker but i’m not sure…shall i return the drive and take another one?

Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

Mine do the same, sadly is normal it seems.