Clarification on the issue of simultaneous audio output

Sorry to be raising an old issue in a new post, but threads appear to be closed to new comments whereever I’ve found something appropriate. Anyway, I bought a WDTV Live yesterday and it didn’t take me long to discover the issue (yes, issue) of having to visit settings to define whether I wanted stereo output via the HDMI to the TV or digital output to an amp via the optical. This is a PITA. I have an ageing Xtreamer MkI which has always done this so it is most definitely not a limitation of HDMI  or low cost devices as has been suggested.

Whether I can live with this will have to be decided over the next day or so, but it is annoying that not a single review I came across mentioned this serious limitation and I’d like to back up a previous poster who expressed surprise that anyone would have expected him to check up on this ‘feature’ before purchase. I’m happy to admit that it never crossed my mind this problem existed after not having the problem on a much older device.

Any possibility of a fix via firmware on the horizon or is this a design flaw in the hardware?

If your television has an optical audio output you can connect the WDTV to the TV using the HDMI for audio and then from the TV to the receiver using optical.