Circuit Board of internal drive Burnt

Hi, the circuit board of my 2TB, internal hardrive (model number: WD20EARX-00PASB0) is burnt, and in order to recover the data, i need to replace the circuit board with the same model …however the model is not in production anymore… they are now selling the new model for the 2TB hardrive which is (model number: WD20EURX-64HYZY0). I am not sure if both of the circuit boards are the same… but the technician advices that i find the exact one, because different circuit board may cause data damage if it doesnt work well. What should I do? I can’t find the exact one… should i risk it? anyone knows or has come across this situation before. I need help urgently! thank you

you need to do more than get the same board, with modern wd pcbs. you need to copy the rom chip of your original and onto the donor. solder or electronically clone the rom onto the new board.

the rom chip stores vital info specific to your hard disk. each rom chip is individually different.

google donor boards for western digital.  and google about the rom chip .

there are people around the net that offer this service.

i would advice not desoldering the rom on the latest wd pcbs. reports they may be stuck on , or need very high temps for long periods of time.

electronically clone the eprom instead. there is a special tool to do this . can’t remembeer the name however…they are offered by some, as part of the service