Installed WD 4TB Home Cloud. Very disappointing software (where is Google Photos?) but hey the price was great. BUT why is the thing permanently chuntering away 24/7 obviously having a private convo with the Internet?

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Mine has constant HDD activity for at least a month. Remote access and Plex library updates both disabled. No devices connecting to it as far as I can tell.

If you can return it, I would. It’s totally deficient compared to the previous model.

I have just offed the auto backup and it continues to chunters. WD better tell us why coz it bothers me coz I can see no reason other than interrogating my data

I don’t think they read these forum posts. You are better to fill out a support request.

I have done just that but I note that analytics is selected which doubtless is the reason because they are analysing down to individual file types, so they virtually are looking at ALL our data. To switch it off means resetting the app which I am not sure I want to investigate at present but it seems highly likely to be the cause.

OK boys N girls. I have switched off analytics and the chuntering is now minimal. Here is how:

  • switch analytics OFF
  • initiate reboot
  • when complete check that analytics is still off. Mine was back on so I switched it off again

Followed steps. Still constant HDD activity.