Chromecast for MyCloud App

It would be great to see Chromecast added to the iOS MyCloud app functionality.  I see that AppleTV is already an option and I may need to just go with AppleTV but Chromecast is a fantastic device and cost $50 less.  Also does anyone know if there is any way to get the MyCloud to communicate with Plex?

Yes. This would be amazing. Am currently using an iOS app called Goodplayer, but it’s really not up to scratch. The devices are clearly capable though!

I have an Apple TV connected to one television, but for the same price, I’ve been able to add a Google Chromecast to all three of my televisions. Also, you must have a computer or laptop on as an iTunes server to watch movies from my personal collection on Apple TV. Adding Chromecast support would be a wonderful, economic, and efficient addition to the WD MyCloud app!