Chromebook Oracle Redirect


When I try to login to WD2GO on my chromebook, I get access to the device, when I click on the device I get an Oracle redirect. What piece of the puzzle am I missing?

Thanks for your help,

You’re not missing anything. 

WD 2go is only compatible with Mac / PC, and with specific Apps, Android and iOS.

Not “ChromeOS.”

You’re out of luck, sorry.

Hi, I am with Android tablet and I have the same effect …rederict to Oracle page with wd2go. I have just the time to see the number of my directories (5) and redirect to Oracle page.

What is wrong ?

Again, you cannot use WD 2go via the WEB accept on a PC or MAC.
Android devices have a specific app available via the App Store.

I’ve just bought a MyBookLive and have exactly the same issue on my PC using IE9…

Redirects to:

If i know that when i bought this device i didn’t make it…

But i found something in Play Store WD2go for Android free and this make it right the job.

Hope this will help many other


Problem is with the set up on your home pc that you installed the cloud drive.  Follow the steps in the link below.,392/session/L3RpbWUvMTM2MDE2ODg1NC9zaWQvQlJEQzhiaWw%3D

I have the same Problem with my new Notebook with Windows 8.
With Windows 7 it works fine.

What could be the problem with Windows 8.
I use the connection to My Book Live over Firefox.

Same answer probably.

If you’re getting redirected to Oracle, it’s because you don’t have Java installed correctly.

Thanks, that was the problem.

On the new notebook JAVA wasn’t installed.

Now it works.