Choppy streaming over Verizion Fios wireless router WD TV LIVE streaming media player

Hi all.  Just bought my first WD TV LIVE Streaming Media Player yesterday and have encountered some problems to which I couldn’t find the answer.  My home internet is Verizon Fios with the supplied wireless router, my connection speeds are listed at 15/5.  I’ve got my WD TV connected on wireless as well as my windows 7 64 bit laptop.  I’ve streamed files before so the laptop has been set up for file sharing of my downloads folder which includes mkv, avis, mp4s etc…

The problem now is I tried to stream a 4.6gb mkv 720p movie file over my network and playback is super choppy, stopping about every 4 minutes to catch up to itself, then playing very choppy for about 2 minutes screen time before finally “catching up to itself”  The bitrate was listed at 6.1mb/s.  I’ve played another 3.4gb mkv 720p file with a bitrate of 3.4 mb/s with no interruption of playback, was smooth and very good looking on my hdtv.  Also other smaller AVI files and such seem to play flawlessly

The question now is what is my bottleneck?  I believe the router is G or N rated, and we just got it a couple months ago when we had signed up for FIOS.  Is my 5mb upload speed the problem?  I didn’t think it had anything to do with streaming local files as I am not uploading them to a dedicated server, just my WD TV.

Also, I cannot test the specific 4.6gb file on my harddrive as it is formatted NTFS, which doesn’t support files over 4gb.

Is there any other way I can connect my laptop to network to WD TV to ensure faster more consistent streaming feeds?  I’ve read all over about people being able to stream full HD 1080p movie files over their network from rooms away without a problem so I’d like to get some input about my specific problem.  Thanks!

Depending on which router they gave you (I have the Actiontec MI-424WR router) it’s G-only.  

And the speed will depend on how far away the WD is from the Actiontec.

NTFS drives SHOULD support files over 4GB just fine.   Did you mean that it’s formatted as FAT?

Yes, fat32 is what my drive is, wishing it was ntfs though.  

sepultura359 wrote:

Yes, fat32 is what my drive is, wishing it was ntfs though.  

Move the data off it and reformat it.  :)