Check on health of legacy WD My Passport

Any ideas how I might check on the health of a legacy WD My Passport? It seems to be behaving beautifully but the warranty ran out in May 2008!

If your hard drive is giving any of the below indications or warning signs then there are chances that your drive might be failing:

  1. Drive is undetectable or unrecognized.
  2. System fails to boot.
  3. Drive begins to make strange noise.
  4. System gets heated soon.
  5. BIOS unable to detect the drive.
  6. Files or folders become invisible or corrupt.
  7. Slowing down of the system.

Further, keeping a check on hard disk drive issues is not that challenging if you’re using a proper tools. Mechanical hard drives are quite sensitive and prone to physical failure or crash. Mechanical shock, corrupt drivers, improper use, or mishandling of drive or system can cause disk errors that can lead to logical corruption, mechanical failure, and physical crash. Here I suggest you to check out the below blog which will take you through the most effective methods to keep a thorough check on the hard disk health and also help you to stay more productive by scheduling the disk checking and optimization tasks: How to Check Hard Disk Health?

Hope this will help you out.