Cheapest place to buy one of these in UK

Really tempted to buy one as it seems like it will satisfy my requirments. Where is the best place to buy from in uk online. Is there anything else in this price range that is better before I purchase. Iam not goin gto use the net features really just the fill the hd with mkv ect Thanks

Buy it from AMAZON UK << Here >>

Thanks for your reply just deciding between this and sumvision cyclone 2 :s

I do not work for WD :smileyvery-happy:

But IMHO WD TV LIVE HUB (Assuming that you are referring to WDTVLIVE HUB Media Center) (The thread you have posted) WDTVLIVE HUB media player is better than Sumvision cyclone 2.

The User Interface is by far the best, and so is the Picture Quality. For the Price you get a Full fledge Media player which plays all popular media formats in 1080p Glory and also you get 1TB internal 2.5" HDD… what more can you ask? :dizzy_face:

Just bear it in mind that there are some bugs (Read the posts) but still better than Sumvision cyclone 2.

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You can also get it from$ja=tsid:11518|cat:17408158|prd:17408158

or from BT–live-hub–1tb-77H8.html

or you can Google a price

1 Like sometimes have them on a Today Only price of £155 which is the cheapest I’ve seen.