Cheap Annimation when showing pictures

The annimation used to show picture, whether it be scrolling from the bottom up, checkered, up down, left to right, and right to left, what ever, is cheap, just plain cheap looking.

I’m using this device to display my photography. And what a let down.

My Windows XP Pro, Media Center, did a better job at showing the pictures.

Professionaly done the photos should be SMOOTHLY transitions to the next picture, and better yet, the picture should be slowly moving on the screen when in a slideshow.

When displaying the pictures, not the transition effect: Since most pictures are bigger than 1920 by 1080, render the picture to 2048 by 1150 (or what ever) and make them zoom in, out, slide while showing the picture.

The checker pattern for a transition, it has to go, that is just for kids!

You seem to be having a lot of issues with the Hub and perhaps higher expections than are practical. Pretty well all NMT are  useless at photos. There is no effort in the slideshow options so don’t expect any other media player to be any better.

If you want pro transitions then look to making a movie from a slideshow in something like proshow producer. Then play the movie. Far from ideal but looks great.

Before this I had Windows XP Pro on a HP laptop which is six years old now.

I was tired of using Windows XP Pro, Media Center, for displaying all my pictures, as this made the computer deadicated. Thou I was really inmpress with the tohught in going into a six year old technology.

Now my parents have Window 7, nice, the media player in this OS is even better.

Still with my older Windows XP, the display of the pictures was far better.

Using a 25 foot VGA cable to my 52 inch television, I know see the better quality difference in VGA and HDMI, even thou both are 1920 by 1080i.

The transitions from picture to picture are far better, and professional!

The displaying of the picture itself, is god to with a minimal movement in the picture, such as zoom in, zoom out and panning… siomple great, and wonderful to watch.

Now WD Live TV Hub, ■■■■, simple not even close to the quality of a six year old technology. Very disappointing I may add. By the way, what is the cost of the Windows XP Pro now?

I think that your problem is that you are confusing a “Media Player” with a “PC”.  The HUB is NOT a PC nor is it meant to be, nor is it the same type of technology as a PC.

If you are unhappy with the HUB, you should either make suggestions in the IDEA forum or take it back and invest in a HTPC.


    I think not, I think you need to re-read my post.

All I’m saying is that six years ago , things are better than today.

**bleep** to be Western Digital…

Did read your post, you are still confusing Apples with Oranges.  The HUB is a MEDIA PLAYER not a PC.

Agreed with above poster. Completely different chipset than a PC and different aims. As already said all NMTs are useless at pics. I suggest you do some research on the forums before investing in your next  media player.