Chaning the listening port of MBL

I have web server that run on different machine but it always ends up on http://myIP/UI which is web interface of MBL.
How would I change this?

Your server is redirecting to a different IP address within your local network? Is your router able to provide a specific target in case there are multiple devices sharing a single port?

well i want my web server to receive web traffic at port 80 but it cant because MBL UI is listening on it
Web server is
MBL is

I just want to change ports that MBL is listening on thats all
Ideally I would also like to be able to use my apps to access MBL but never web browser…is there way to disable that.

You have two different IPs, there is no reason why access to port 80 on web server will be redirected to MBL, unless you made it to or the router is.

Traffic first will go to IP, then will look for port. NOT port and then IP.

Well my public visible IP assigned by my ISP is
when you type that ip into your URL behind the scene port 80 is being attached so it looks like this…

when I type that up it ends up on MBL web interface
I have no port forwarding set on my router as of right now

2 IP’s you are referring to are 2 internal IP’s

AHHH! That changes everything then! The answer will always depend on the details provided.

WAN VS LAN are totally different things.

Your router is redirecting the port 80 to MBL IP. If you do not need Remote access for MBL, change it. Again, all in the router, read its manual for port forwarding/redirection.

As I said, first IP (your external IP) and then it will search to where to send traffic for port 80.

you said the router is not doing it, but it has to, either the router and/or the firewall. Whoever has your external IP is doing it.

Lets say my external IP is:

Web Server (not MBL web server) on different machine is

my router has port forward like this…
HTTP external port 80 internal port 80 ->

When I am on external network (say at work foir example ) if i type… what i get is… and login page of MBL and not my home page from Web server which is what I need…

Only way I am able to have this working is if I forward like this…
HTTP external port 8080 internal port 80 ->
So when I type I get my home page from my Web Server
When I type I get MBL login page

What I want is to take me to my home page from Web server to MBL login page

I am also ok with not being able to access MBL login page from outside my network

If you actually have this on your router and you type http:\your-external-IP:
HTTP external port 80 internal port 80 ->

sorry but no idea why it would redirect to the web server.