Changing the Drive on Mybook White Lite 1Tb


I got an offer of one 2TB WD2002FYPS drive and i would like to replace the 1Tb that comes with the product with this one.

But i am not being able to have the “system” boot up with this drive.

It sounds like if it has lack of power to put the disk to spin, but i also cannot access the webinterface or Ping the unit.

Is it not possible to make this change? or do i have to make any special configuration / format on the disk to be recognized?

Not going to work dude

the OS is on the drive you removed

Does make me ask, could you remove the disk and connect it to a pc then use disk cloning and partition resizing tools to transfer it to a larger disk?

If standard partition types are used, then in *theory* it should work - unless the o/s is locked down in some way.

Yes you can do all that, go here for more info