Changing name who shared content with me


First sorry for my bad english. Can someone explain how to change second circled object in a picture because. First “Hi Petar” is recognized by email a have given when registering and that is not problem. If specified mail is not in MyCloud database is it going to show “Hi e-mail”? Second one “[Deleted-Privacy]” is the problem. As I have 2 accounts when I share something with other account instead “[Deleted-Privacy]” it writes just “petar”, probably linking that account to that nick. Now I want to change mail “[Deleted-Privacy]” to some specific nick like “AKTIVA sistem doo”.

So finally it would look like this:

Hi “Someones e-mail adress”,

“Whatever I wrote here”

Sign up with account to view what “AKTIVA sistem doo” shared with you.

Generally there are only two main places where one inputs an email address with the My Cloud. First is under the Dashboard > Users section for each User. Second is when one creates their online web portal account. As far as I know there is no official way to change the wording of the WD email message that gets generated when one uses the email link feature. A third place where an email address is used is the alert email notifications under Dashboard > Settings > Notifications.

The workaround to change the email address is to change the User email address within the My Cloud Dashboard and (I assume) then create a new web portal account using that new email address.

The inability to change the email address has been complained about before.