Changing movies plot into my own language


I was wondering if this actually possible, by editing something or anything else, i dont much much about all this so…


Are you talking about subtitles, or audio tracks?

I believe he’s talking about the metadata… having it displayed in other languages than English.

Yes the metadata, sorry

I think the only way is to edit the metadata and put in your preferred language. The data is currently pulled from a website, I believe, and a quick scout around that site suggests it is English only.

It appears that more and more of the entries are being duplicated into foreign languages, though…  I cam across a dozen or so of my popular movies that had multiple entries that weren’t there before (back in October, probably).

I am assuming this is linked to the local name for the movie then . Would be nice if they made it clearer on the website.

tried to edit the xml and change it but it’s showing me: N/A as plot, don’t think this will change since it’s not really a bug but just too bad for foreigners ppl :neutral_face:

The PLOT section of the XML is ignored.   The OVERVIEW section is what you want to edit.

Where is OVERVIEW  I don’t see it ? Don’t get it ;[

It’s right after the PLOT section.

thanks, it’s working \o/