Changing guest UID

I am mounting my NAS (my book live) via NFS on ubuntu. I want to perform some syncronisation but this is failing because of the UID setup.

My local settings are UID 1000 and GID 1000

The mounted my book partition has UID 500 and GID 1000. Because the files have group read and write permision I have no problems for normal use.

I have ssh access and have tried changing the /etc/exports file so that anonuid=1000 (rather than 500). However even after a reboot this doesnt make any difference.

The top line of the file states:

Use guest user (uid 500) for nfs guest.  This is restricted from private

shares by trustees.

Does this mean that I mount as “guest” rather than an anonomous user?

Any suggestions on how to change the mounted uid to 1000?


These type of modifications are not supported, but maybe some of the other users can share some advice. 

Maybe this could be considered as a feature/fix in future updates. Im not sure of the best functionallity but something like the option to set the guest UID via the GUI.


Certainly, you can post any suggestion for future updates in the ideas section.