Changing Filter, Dashboard etc.. icons

Trying to change these icons, I have replaced them with the modded ones I prefer but old ones are still showing, is it not as easy as just replacing them?  Doesn’t seem to be.  Currently using Corn OSD.thanks

Hi HomerJ

Sometimes when making changes to things like the icons you will have to reload the theme for the changes to show

I tried that, I even did a hard reset and several reboots, Hub still holds on to default  coloured button icons.  I also searched all locations within the mod and made sure everyone was replaced.

You have to look at the original Mochi theme.  If the theme you are using was based on the Legacy theme or another theme it may not contain all the icons.  So if those icons aren’t included in the theme you are using, it will revert to to the Mochi theme icons.

ok, makes sense, greatly appreciated.