Changing Domain?

Is there a way to change the domain the WD Sentinel is joined to?

We’ve set up a new domain, and I need to move the WD Sentinel to it, but when I try to change the domain from the System Properties window, it says:

Note: The identificatio of the computer cannot be changed because: - The Certification Authority Service is installed on this computer.

Can I just uninstall that service, join the domain, then reinstall that service?  What sort of configuration would I have to go through to get that service back to running in its previous state (on the new domain)?

Nevermind.  Looks like I’m able to do it through the Dashboard just fine.

I just went with my usual Windows+Break shortcut.

I’ll post back here if there’s any configuration issues after joining the new domain.

Not sure what you have done, but you should have from the dashboard, leave the domain, then join again whereevr.  All from the dashboard