Changing backup target to another drive

Hello! I have recently changed the backup target to another external HDD and have everything backing up to there from WD Smartware. However, I can still see files are getting backed up to the “old” target. How do I get rid of this? I cannot delete the old backup files either. Some reason it is backing up to the new location and some, not all files, are still being created in the old target location. Not sure how to fix that.

How did you select a new target? Was it from the drop down menu? Have your read all the information provided? Click on the Smartware Help tab and read all the information provided. At the bottom of the Help tab screen is a link for the Online User Manuals.

I recently bought a new external HDD to use as my backup and my old HDD I want to use as storage. So I clicked on every drive and selected a new target (which is the new HDD I bought). So everything is backing up to there right now but there are still some random items being backed up to the old drive. I can’t delete the WD folder off the old drive either. It’s not that it is taking up a huge space on my old drive (3.2 GB) but I would prefer it not to go in there. Sometimes it makes a folder of the drive it is backing up with nothing in it. And on another drive it actually backs up a few folders. I am not sure why it’s doing it.

What operating system is on your computer? Which cloud storage device do you have? Is it a My Cloud?

What do you mean when you say, I clicked on every drive?

If you read the instructions for SmartWare then you should know you only choose one target device for backup. The following comes from information on the Home tab.

Selecting the backup target device
If you have more than one backup target device connected to your computer, left-click the icon of the one that you want to use for backup, retrieve, and drive settings functions. The WD SmartWare software highlights the selected device with a light-blue background.

It sounds like what you may need to do is use one to back up your computers and use the other to create a Safepoint.
A Safepoint is done through the Dashboard.

It doesn’t seem that one aspect of the original question has been answered - that the old backup rule is being executed, and creating empty backups on the previous backup target. I’m about to quadruple my data storage, have re-purposed backup drives as data drives, and bought several new 8tb drives to be the new backup targets. I have read all the documentation, and old threads about editing the rules. It seems the only thing to do is uninstall and reinstall the software (which apparently deletes the old rules).

I’ve already defined and enabled my first set of pairings, so would prefer not to back up 8tb of data again. So…how can previous backup rules for a particular volume be deleted?

I feel I answered the question for a WD My Cloud NAS, , what device do you have? In your original post you talk about an external HDD.

What WD device are you using? Check out the Learning Center if you are not sure.

Hi I have a WD backup drive . When I started I used a 2TB drive as target. I then changed short time after. I have read everything but still cant get rid of the original 2TG target as a target as I now use it as a source.
Occasionally WD backsup to the 2 TB disc, so I have to watch it. The 2TB disk is not a WD disc. Thanks.
Hope someone can respond.