Changes to text in Options/View Info

Hi all. Apologies if this would be better placed in the SMP forum, but since that doesn’t have a dedicated themes forum I thought I would post here.

I’m looking to make two minor changes to the default Mochi theme on SMP, and would appreciate any assistance as I can’t figure it out from the XML.

Firstly, when selecting Options on any movie file and then selecting View Info to review the movie’s info, I’d like to change the text “Date:” that precedes the movie’s release date, to read “Year:” I have taken to editing my movies’ XML sheets and my preference is just to have the value as YYYY here, rather than YYYY-MM-DD - but I would ideally like it to read eg. “Year: 2006” rather than “Date: 2006”. My assumption is that the necessary edit would come in metadata_view_info.xml, however the appropriate reference there doesn’t seem to allow for any changes to the fixed text:


Secondly, when selecting Options on any movie file, I’d like to re-order the menu list of options so that rather than the list beginning “View Background Images” followed by “View Info”, the first item in the list is the “View Info” option and the second is the “View Background Images” option (I use View Info much more frequently, so it makes sense to have it first in the list). My assumption would be the relevant file is inc_option_menu_page_list.xml, but I can’t interpret much of that file at all.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance!

  1. Firmware related … you can’t change it  (only was is to hide it with an graphic overlay and put year text on top)


  1. Firmware related … you can’t change the option order.

you can change the list order … then View Info appears 1st … but selecting it still triggers View Backgrounds.

OK thanks - I’ll give an overlay a try and see what it looks like for the first. Looks like I’ll have to solve the second by programming a short sequence on my universal remote.