Changed ISP now NAS drive isnt recognised

I’m not hugely technical. We moved ISP from Sky to BT yesterday and now the NAS drive isnt recognised. I really need access quickly as I have lots of work to do this weekend and never thought this would be an issue, so hope someone can help quickly. Is there any telephone support?

Did you set a static IP address on your NAS? Set the LAN IP address of the BT router to be the same as the replaced Sky router and also set the DHCP IP pool on the BT router to be the same as what was on the Sky router.

I have a suspicion that may be the solution to the problem. Why reconfigure the router and not the NAS, you may have other gizmos on your network which worked fine on the Sky router and here all you need to change is the router and not have to check every computing device that will now use your BT router.

Hi Myron

Well, slight problem. I have no idea how to do this. The company which set up my NAS drive is not in business anymore, so cant get them to do it. BT not interested as it “isn’t their equipment” How can I tell if it is a static IP address?