Change the Network UPS Tools EX2 powerdown trigger

yup … 4 years old

not worth spending more time or nail-biting on imo

can anyone tell me where I would be able to find the file that calls scripts at startup on the EX2 ?

thanks for posting the Mac app availability.

A better control of a group of UPS is my goal as using separate UPS for each NAS and CPU stations is not the best answer.

Just replacing the two 12 volt 8 AH batteries on one UPS 1500 APC system from batteries plus was $91.00 (which is not far from the original UPS price of years ago)

I do have a few Synology NAS units on a UPS but not connected them to USB port.

I may need to mount a stick on a RC car controlled by a raspberry pi and drive it into the hibernate / shutdown button to do remote shutdowns.

i would say that DSM and QTS each have a baked in feature that permits a user to tell the NAS what it should do with itself if it detects signals via USB from the UPS that’s connected.

NUT is the backend within Linux that DSM, QTS and OS5 use to monitor the UPS state.

unfortunate for the EX2 that there’s no control within the dashboard for that.

Network UPS does not refer to any control relative to shutdown operations for the EX2 - it just tells the unit to act as either Master or Slave with respect to other network units connected to it … which does not make much sense - there is only 1 RJ-45 connection on the EX2.

According to the Notifications that appear in the dashboard, the last one says the System is shutting down. But it is issued when it’s too late and battery is depleted within a few seconds. If WD intended these units do an ‘orderly shutdown’, they are not.

Trying to fix this via ssh, but not getting anywhere.

not quite understanding - why don’t you plug the UPS data connection into the synology and set the option in DSM to shutdown the NAS x minutes after a power event or xx% battery left ?

the only thing going for the EX2 right now, is that the Notifications for power events in the dashboard are followed by emails almost instantly. so when i get the email that mains power is out, i estimate that i have about 30 minutes before the battery dies and that is enough time to remotely access the dashboard and hibernate the unit.

not an ideal scenario, if i am in a dead zone without data i won’t get the email right away. i also want to setup the SMS service on the EX2 but don’t know how to specify that correctly … SMS option would give me an additional notification that could come thru faster than email.