Change php.ini and set symlinks permantly

Hello together,

I don’t know, if the question already sent to this communtiy, but I don’t find for my keywords any answer.

My problem is, that I will add on my EX2 two PHP modules: and But after placing them and add the symlinks and restart the NAS, the files and symlinks are deleted. Also by using sudo.

Changes in the php.ini are reset, too.

This ist a litte bit annoying.

How can I to recently changes, that are not deleted after inserting to the Linux

I always be happy, if any body can tell me to start only the httpd new with commandline without starting the whole NAS.

Thanks for helping

Do you have an EX2 or an EX2 Ultra? The EX2 does not support OS5 (this subforum). If you have an EX2 device see the dedicated OS3 EX2 subforum where that device is discussed.

Note that with the v2.x and now apparently with v5.x firmware, generally certain user made changes to the firmware are generally not saved and are not reloaded when the device reboots.

It’s a EX2 Ultra, sorry.

Ok, this second sentence mean, With OS5, I have no chance to configure my httpd?