Change location of WDMyCloudX2Ultra OS5

I would like to change the location of WDMyCloudX2Ultra, but not the PC, hence the URL of MyCloud will be different to the URL of my PC.
How to do that?

What does “change the location” actually mean? More information on what you would like to or are attempting to do may help others better answer your question.

Also, there is a subforum for discussions on issues related specifically to the OS5 EX2 Ultra.

OS5 My Cloud EX Series

Thank you Bennor, I’ll explain in detail.
At the moment the physical location of my WDMyCloudX2Ultra 4TB is at my home. I would like to change the physical location of the WDMyCload to the barn of my son, the barn has a connection to the internet. The physical location of my PC will remain at my home.
Hence if something happens to my WDMyCloud, e.g. fire, I still have a backup in the barn of my son. My son likes to use use 2 TB of the 4TB of my WDMyCloud.

So what you are trying to do is access the NAS from the internet.

1st. . . the WD apps of various forms are designed to do just that. HOWEVER. . .last I looked at the OS5 apps was about 2 years ago. . .and I found them SERIOUSLY lacking in many regards.

2nd. . .An alternative is to establish a VPN connection into the network where the NAS resides. If you do that, then you can access the device just like you are at home. . .

2a: But access speed is limited by internet speed (in the US; upload speed from a home network to internet can be an issue. Speed is advertised as download speed; which is important for netflix. Upload can be 1/10th download)

2b: Establishing a VPN connection requires a fair bit of networking knowledge. (IMHO: quite worth knowing). Note that this is NOT purchasing a VPN connection offered by dozens of services. This is running VPN server software on a device on the network (In my network: I had a router that could run OpenVpn Server. . ). This is running VPN client software on your PC to connect to the VPN server. This is also figuring out the entire DDNS thing so you can reliably know the WAN address of the remote router.

  1. Final hitch: There are nuances with VPN software. One is that the remote PC will be on a different subnet than the NAS. Addressing the NAS will be a tad different (i.e. the “\\MyCloud” tag won’t resolve; you will need to address the NAS via IP address)

whew. That was a bit.

If you move the My Cloud to a remote location (your son’s barn) then you can use one of the official WD methods for accessing a remote My Cloud. Generally this means you will use the web portal on your home computer. Any computer program that currently accesses your My Cloud on your local network will generally no longer be able to do so, using WD’s methods of remote access, once the My Cloud is moved to a remote location.

The OS5 My Cloud User Manual gives general directions for how to use the remote access feature of the OS5 My Cloud device.

My Cloud OS5 Online User Manual

Using the WD methods of My Cloud remote access presents a number of limitations. Because of those limitations one may want to consider setting up their own VPN connection to that remote My Cloud. Doing so however requires setting up a VPN server on the same local network as the remote My Cloud and using a VPN client on your local computer. Certain consumer routers offer the option of enabling a VPN server within the router. Properly setting up VPN server/client typically involves more knowledge and skill. By using VPN server/client setup one can regain access to a My Cloud that would be similar to how it is one one’s local network before moving that My Cloud to a remote location.