Change backdrop

Hi, how do I change the backdrop in my videos view as attached photo?

Cheers WDTVLive_2012.03.20_15.23.53.jpg

We’ll need to wait until a mod approves the photo…  We can’t see it yet.

That looks like a custom theme, not a backdrop.


You need to change the image “video_browse_video_icon.png” located in the image folder of the theme.  The new image should ideally be exactly 1280x720.  An image size of under 500KB will also help the image load faster.  Good luck.

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Thank you desertwedge for your help, I changed the png file you suggested but it didn’t change my screen so I went looking for the same image of mine and found it in “video_gallery_video_icon.png”, changed that also and it worked.

Thank you once again