Caviar Green vs WD Green Desktop?

Hello, I would like to apologies in advance if this has been asked before but are there any differences between WD Caviar Green and WD Green Desktop ?

I bought 2 x WD30EZRX (as a replacement of the drives in my WD MyBookWorld ed II whitelight) and noticed they haven’t the caviar green label on the drives sticker, but WD Green desktop instead. 

WD30EZRX are as well on the WD caviar and the WD green specs here

This is kinda confusing, are those different lineups or the same and it’s just a new name for it (rebranding) ? 

Thanks for any answer, because my old WD MyBookWorld ed II whitelight was suposely designed for WD caviar green only…

Hi it is just a new name they dropped the Caviar also from the blues. So it is the same drive but of course changes are made over time.

Thanks for your answer. I’m glad it’s that simple, of course, in the end, they can call it whatever they want as long as it will work just fine in my old MyBookWorld ed II.