Caviar green again failed

my WD7500AADS  Caviar Green again failed quick and extended test. this will be my 4th RMA in 8-9 month.
now i’m thinking about to buy caviar black [WD5001AALS or WD5002AALX ]. can somebody help me choosing the right one.

any help appreciated.

system specification:

Windows XP SP2
Intel P4  3.06 GHz
Gigabyte G41M-ES2L

do you have “clean power” (either incoming clean to the pc via ups and or sure that your psu is good)

i had a problem with a client who killed 2 drives in 6 months b/c he lived in an old house that would “brown out” almost every other day. after replacing the 2nd drive, we got him a ups and havent had a problem in a year…

just a consideration if the drives are all dying in the same machine/location

:womanwink:…caviar  black  will  be  ok. i  use  it  till  now  .