Caviar Blue 500gb and Windows 7

The included software won’t run on win7x64.

I suspect it wouldn’t run on Vista64 either but don’t have a Vista machine to try it out on.

Just bought the drive yesterday but found out it was manufactured 12/08 - A YEAR AGO!

BIOS and win7 device manager found the drive ok but windows did not.

I had to use stuff from control panel “administrative tools” to format and partition.

I guaranG.D.tee that  some people are going to have trouble with this.

My Hitachi drive gets a 7.6 performance rating.

This drive gets a 5.9 – what the hell good is that on an I7 machine?

I just spent money to create a bottleneck.

Rant over.

The drive should work on Windows 7.  But, you’re right, the software won’t.  We are working updating the software for Windows 7, now. 

To use the drive on Windows 7, customers will have to do exactly what you did: go into drive manager, initialize the drive, then partition and format it.  We have knowledge base articles that cover the process in case you need them.