Caviar Black WD1001FALS: just purchased but old revision


I just received from an online retailer a Black WD1001FALS: I hoped that it would be the new revision of the disk but I was very, very disappointed when I opend the bag and found that the revision of my unit (manufactured on Feb 14, 2010) were 00J7B0.

This mean I got an old three platters design :cry: which, compared to the new two platters design is slower and more power hungry.

I think I will no longer purchase any more WD disk unless the Company does not make VERY clear what you are going to buy by means of different models numbers.

I choose the Black over competing products as the new revision is very good but now I discovered that I nearly wasted my money: for the same price I would have got more storage room and better performances!

Here’s one for you. 

I have a 250GB HD, it failed after 6 months.  Paided for shipping and received the “Recertified” one, that one failed after 3 months.

Now they want me to pay AGAIN for a replacement… Go with Seagate or Hitachi, being in I.T and I promise you this company or any other company I go to will not buy Western Digital HD’s