Caviar Black for RAID1 mirror

I would like to use 2 WD1002FAEX in a 3rd party USB RAID1 enclosure. I understand from KB Answer ID 996 that this is supported. But I have also read KB Answer ID 1397 which explains that desktop drives may be dropped from a RAID array during a deep recovery cycle because they don’t support the TLER feature which limits the deep recovery time to be RAID compatible. Could someone explain why this isn’t a problem for RAID1 with 2 drives? I don’t dispute this, but I would like to understand why it’s not a problem. Are two drive RAID1 controller chips designed to allow deep recovery? If so, do all two drive RAID1 controller chips do this or only some of them?

I am not sure why it is supported in RAID 0/RAID 1 and not in other RAID types. If you want to have more details you may contact WD Support.