Caviar Black extremely slow and windows freezing

Around Christmas I started having a problem with my computing freezing and eventually tracked it down to the hard drive becoming extremely slow. I checked all my connections, disconnected my second drive and plugged the drive into a different SATA port.

Everything was fine until now. Again the drive has become extremely slow and the computer is regularly freezing. In resource monitor it shows the hard drive active time is 100% but it is only reading (or writing, whichever the blue line is) at 100KB/s, 1KB/s, or sometimes 10MB/s.

Is this likely to be a fault with the drive, or perhaps with the SATA controller on the motherboard? The hard drive is running in IDE mode rather than AHCI as I am currently using an old motherboard. I am upgrading to a new ASRock Extreme 4 and reinstalling Windows this weekend.


Have you tried testing the drive with DLG?