Caviar Black Drive slow boot from Windows Startup Screen to Desktop in Windows 7 64 bit

I had 2 Seagate Barracuda drives that I had to replace with the latest WD Black 1TB 64 mb cache drives.  The OS drive was cloned and the data drive was newly formatted.  Transferring 1 GB from my OS to the other drive took about 3 minutes.  That seems really long.

Booting from the “Starting Wiindows” screen to the desktop took 8 minutes and used to take 30 seconds.

I have an Intel 6 core processor, 12 GB of RAM, Windows 7 64 bit.  Any ideas as to why this takes so long.  I noticed Windows 7 had to install drivers for the 2 drives on first boot with the new drives installed.  Could this be a driver issue?

Or, it could be a bad clone process.  Download our DLG Diagnostics utility and check the drive.  If the drive checks out okay, then something may have happened during the cloning process. 

I ran the quick test using the tool and it didn’t find any problems on the cloned drive or the other new drive.  It seems like the access rate is improved now however it is still taking about 8 minutes to boot vs. about a minute with my Seagate Barrucuda drives.  I checked that all the Bios settings are correct.  I killed any background processes in the startup that shouldn’t be there and it made no difference.  I did a Google seach and have seen other people reporting this issue with these drives in Windows 7 64 bit after cloning and even with new installations but I have found not resolution.