Cat6 connection issue (WDTV Live)

Hi - I run a WDTV Live, via a 10m ethernet cable, from my desktop pc to my main tv in different room. Every so often using my Cat5E cable it won’t connect to my shared files (I’ll click on Video / Network Shares and nothing will happen). I have to pull out the ethernet cable from the WDTV Live and then plug it right back in again. Probably happens once every twenty attempts. Usually straight after that it finds my shared folders via Video / Network Shares. I figured something must be wrong with the cable, so I replaced it over the weekend with a Cat6 cable. However it seems to have made this problem worse. The weird thing is I can go to Settings / Network and check the connection and it ticks the three boxes. So I know it’s getting a connection, but it’s just not seeing my network for some reason. I’m running Windows 7 on the pc.

Is there a known issue here? Any assistance would be greatly appreciaited before I go under the house (which is extremely unpleasant) to swap them back again. Could it be a modem/router issue perhaps?


Even though CAT6 should perform better than CAT5e, cable length still affects latency and response. On the other hand, it is possible the CAT6 cable is not providing better results because it may be a CAT6e cable (Non-standard) as opposed to a regular CAT6 cable.