Case: Unformatted HDD, Corrupted MBR, remove HDD w/out using safely remove solution

Id like to share what happened to me 2nd time around. Sorry for the previous post of mine which didn’t really helped me this time around. I was stupid not to share the whole steps before. Well here it is.

  1. Do not format or write anything to your HDD.
  2. Used Acronis Disk Director for the scan
  3. Used Active Partition Recovery for the scan
  4. Finally used CHKDSK /F on windows 7
    4.1. Type CHKDSK on search bar, right click and run as administrator
    4.2. Type CHKDSK /F DriveLetter: <-- Ex. chkdsk /f d:
    4.3. Wait for it to Finish.

Note: I am not sure if steps 2 and 3 are necessary, I just put it there because its what I did during the process of search and rescue thing. Maybe I was just trying to be sure all my files are there. 

If that doesn’t work, you can also use recuva or testdisk to recover the files.