Case broke, drive is fine, need to move it to new case

Hi, my “my book” dropped and the case is broken, but the drive and controller board both still work.  I’m trying to move the drive to a new case- Rocketfish with USB 3.0.  Windows 7 won’t mount it, but it will mount other hard drives I try with this case/controller.  I have a hunch it’s the “WD Smartware” partition that is preventing windows from recognizing it correcxtly.  Since windows doesn’t pick up the smartware  or the data partition at all when using the new controller/case, I’m not sure what to do- windows doesn’t  readily allow me to reformat drives it doesn’t see.   And I’d rather not lose all my data.  Any ideas about how to move the drive to a new, non-WD case?

It has to have the circuit board attached. Since you dropped hard enough to break case I’d also move the data off before it dies. I wouldn’t count on it being reliable now you are lucky it does work at all. That’s just my opinion.


Yes, I now realize now that WD is garbage. A HD that requires a proprietary circuit board interface for it to work is BS.  Lesson learned- stay away from WD in the future.