Car Setup? with iphone 4


Im currently in the market for a media player that will allow me to connect to my current car stereo.

I have a touchscreen headunit that allows me to use the a/v in, also have an iphone that id like to use instead to navigate/control a media player.

most of my music is in wav or flac format with a few ape albums…

im after a media player that has an optical which should allow me to connect it to my processor (h701) and use a Rux

I have a few questions regarding WD media players, as Im also comparing it to other media players on the market.

firstly, Can an iphone 4 control the WD media player?

any current issues with the remote control?

I see theres one on the app store which looks pretty good, and also a basic remote.

how do people find these?

if I setup a wireless router in my car, USB wireless dongle on the Media player, I should be able to easily connect to the iphone to the media player? or does this require a PC to setup any shares?

You can find the remote applition in the link below:

Cheers I might end up using an ipad instead might check the app out further